::TBT The Wroclaw Apartment

If you followed Morning Kawa when I first started the blog, these pictures may look familiar to you. I had posted about this apartment before, but then once I started appearing in the press around Wroclaw, I got kinda nervous regarding people knowing exactly where I lived so I removed the post. BUT, lucky you. Today, this post is back! TBT baby.

I am still just as in love with this Almi Decor designed apartment as I was the day I moved in 3 years ago... ahh. This apartment takes me to my happy place and is kinda the inspiration for my new house design here in Michigan.. if only I could get the view back. And be back in Europe. Sigh.

I still pinch myself that at one time I DID live here. Enjoy the tour!

in l.o.v.e

WALK IN CLOSET!!! I feel so Carrie Bradshaw :)
espresso maker. yum!
bathroom decor
Can't wait for you all to come visit!

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