:: I Need Foyer Lighting Help...please!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that my foyer needs help and you may have already provided me with some recommendations - THANK YOU! But, if not, here's the deal (and some additional photos)...I need a light for my two-story foyer. Badly. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I can find a few lights I love... but letsbehonest, they are expensive. I need help from you guys to provide me with some ideas as to what to do with this space - and within a reasonable budget. I even had the Pottery Barn In Home Design Consultation team out and still wasn't able to land on 'the right light.' 

Here's what we're working with. 
I want the foyer to feel light and airy and I don't want the light to feel too heavy or overpowering. I want it to be beautiful without taking over the space. I want it to just be. And 'be' perfectly. This current one is all wrong. A. it's yellow...I hate yellow-toned lights. B. It's too small and C. It just doesn't work.

Not to mention, when you are on the second story balcony THIS is what you see. THIS!!!! Ew. (FTR I'm referring to the lightbulbs/underside of the light - not Henry's slide. Whoops. Staging 101 fail.)
Oh, side note. To bring you up to speed, I bought a house here in Michigan about a month ago. The house requires a bit of a facelift - new floors, new lights, new kitchen, new bathrooms,  lots and lots of paint, you get the idea. Of course, I will be sharing ALL of my DIY home decor before and after projects along the way, we're just first starting off with the entry way. After all, it's how you enter into the house so that's how we'll enter into the new house project here on Morning Kawa.

So anyways, the current light is 21" wide. It's obviously way too small. 
All that said, here are some options I am working through. Though the first two are too expensive... Story. of. my. life. 

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. (I wish I loved thee's price tag....) 

Anyone know of any good replicas out there? My problem is that the copy cat designs I have found just feel so 'hard' - thick metal rim, cheap crystal, too small...Please tell me there is something hiding somewhere - or someone wants to give me theirs? I'll cover the shipping ;)
THIS mid-century modern beauty. A bit more modern than I usually go but for some reason I feel like this could work. Simple without being intrusive. Thoughts? Again, price isn't perfect. Shocking.
3. Is there anything else I am missing here for foyer lights?
Honestly, other than that, I feel like there aren't a ton of options out there. We've got:

A. Lanterns

B. Double Lanterns 
C. A Variety of Chandeliers
...these all seem a bit small to me. I just don't want it to get lost in front of the 2nd story balcony. I don't know. I'm stumped. Right now, I am feeling like I should just save up for Restoration...tell me there's another way!

So I task you, dear readers, WWYD? 

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