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As you kinda know, I lived in Puerto Rico until just a few months ago - I say you might only kinda know because I never blogged and/or talked about it! BUT, I actually lived in a beautiful home overlooking the Caribbean Sea. I really wanted to show you the house before now, however, I didn't want to publish exactly where I lived. Safety first - blogging rule #1 ;) 

But now that I am no longer living in PR, the house is fair game for sharing! Yeah for you! 

(Well kinda yeah because I know this place is a kinda dated.)

The next homeowner (we were renters) will need to invest in some significant updates in order to revert the house back to it's original glory, but here she is: a 6,000 sq. ft. home with ocean views on top of a mountain in Ponce, PR. It's hard to believe I didn't want to stay here forever, isn't it? (Don't worry, more on life in Puerto Rico another day.)

Without further ado, here's my house from the Caribbean. 
We'll start with the backyard because it's the best feature of the house! Don't you die over these tall topiaries?! They remind me so much of Italy. They were planted all around the house. FYI we were in a serious draught so we legally couldn't water the lawn as much as it needed so that's why it looks a bit rough. 
Under the wall of windows shown above, is the outdoor pool table area. Every house should have one  - just kidding, we didn't use it once. That tree straight ahead is a lavender tree. swoon.
And, it also has this chic little patio. Aww. so cute and full of potential.
And around that corner, we'll head up to the tai chi platform. 
But, yes, this house had a tai chi platform. 
From the tai chi platform, we head down the path to the gazebo, basketball court and pool. The tennis courts are the neighbors. 
 Yes, that's the Ocean off in the distance. 
 I so wanted to throw a party and use this basketball court for a dance floor. It was perfect!!
 The gazebo had a full kitchen and TWO baths. Yes, two - one for girls and one for boys. #necessary
 The backyard also had:

A mango tree (which iguanas loved...) 
and an avocado tree (complete with a huge generator for common PR power outages). Hey, sweet fence ;) Another needed update.
Next, we'll head inside. Now, let me preface this by saying again that we were renters. I couldn't do much to the space. And, termites were a real concern. The couches were here (and I didn't want to buy new now because of taking bugs home later). The lighting throughout the house wasn't great, the paint colors were a bit eh. You'll see. It needed help but being a renter, I just didn't want to spend money unnecessarily.

The living room had great light and windows and was a HUGE space. This room was a porch at one time covered and converted into living space to make the house bigger. If I would have owned it, I would have made it a porch again. It kinda was a pain to walk all the way down to the gazebo to enjoy the weather. Not a REAL problem, I know. 
The living room connects to the kitchen - the room with the most room for improvement. They laminated solid mahogany cabinets. My design heart hurts. 
But, the rest of the original house boasts mostly mahogany doors and real marble tile floors so there is some hope for the world.  
Check out the brick wall entry way below. The ceiling is now covered, but at one time it was all open air. I'm grateful for the sake of lizards that it was covered. FYI these pics taken before I decorated it. I don't know where my final photos are; maybe they will turn up soon!
 These Moroccan tiled walls in the half bath. I love.... 
Now, the 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms in the house were pretty boring, so I won't share them all with you here. Just marble tiles (real marble in 3 of them - floor to ceiling marble in the master) and beige walls pretty much. Honestly, the rooms were TOO big for me to decorate. Not kidding. I couldn't buy enough stuff to fill a 6,000 sq. ft house because when we eventually moved, I knew we would not be living in a space that large :( Plus, termites were a MAJOR issue here so I just didn't want to risk it with new furniture.  If you really want to see the bedrooms, just let me know but I promise you aren't missing much.

But here's Henry's room: the only room that I remotely started decorating. 
And the main closet hallway that was the walkway to the bedrooms. More mahogany cabinets painted. At least it isn't laminate. FTR I am usually a fan of painting wood white. But in this house, the mahogany would have been a nice, rich contrast. 
Now here is the entrance to the home. I actually loved the entry to this Spanish-influenced house in Puerto Rico!
Well, that's all she wrote! Hope you enjoyed the tour :) Ps the neighbor was a former Yankees pitcher, you can see his house a bit more below over the fence. 

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