:: I Miss You European Doors :(

It's been awhile since I have posted about my favorite things: doors! So as I look through my Wroclaw/Europe archives - here is one beautiful door worth sharing. Enjoy!
This AMAZING door can be found at Teatr Lalek, Wroclaw, Poland. Don't you just L.O.V.E. it?!

P.s. Hope you don't mind my short and sweet post today.


:: The House in Puerto Rico

As you kinda know, I lived in Puerto Rico until just a few months ago - I say you might only kinda know because I never blogged and/or talked about it! BUT, I actually lived in a beautiful home overlooking the Caribbean Sea. I really wanted to show you the house before now, however, I didn't want to publish exactly where I lived. Safety first - blogging rule #1 ;) 

But now that I am no longer living in PR, the house is fair game for sharing! Yeah for you! 

(Well kinda yeah because I know this place is a kinda dated.)

The next homeowner (we were renters) will need to invest in some significant updates in order to revert the house back to it's original glory, but here she is: a 6,000 sq. ft. home with ocean views on top of a mountain in Ponce, PR. It's hard to believe I didn't want to stay here forever, isn't it? (Don't worry, more on life in Puerto Rico another day.)

Without further ado, here's my house from the Caribbean. 


::TBT The Wroclaw Apartment

If you followed Morning Kawa when I first started the blog, these pictures may look familiar to you. I had posted about this apartment before, but then once I started appearing in the press around Wroclaw, I got kinda nervous regarding people knowing exactly where I lived so I removed the post. BUT, lucky you. Today, this post is back! TBT baby.

I am still just as in love with this Almi Decor designed apartment as I was the day I moved in 3 years ago... ahh. This apartment takes me to my happy place and is kinda the inspiration for my new house design here in Michigan.. if only I could get the view back. And be back in Europe. Sigh.

I still pinch myself that at one time I DID live here. Enjoy the tour!

in l.o.v.e

:: I Need Foyer Lighting Help...please!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that my foyer needs help and you may have already provided me with some recommendations - THANK YOU! But, if not, here's the deal (and some additional photos)...I need a light for my two-story foyer. Badly. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I can find a few lights I love... but letsbehonest, they are expensive. I need help from you guys to provide me with some ideas as to what to do with this space - and within a reasonable budget. I even had the Pottery Barn In Home Design Consultation team out and still wasn't able to land on 'the right light.' 

Here's what we're working with. 


:: Chalk Paint Dresser Inspired by Pottery Barn

Now that I have found my writing voice again, I have realized I actually do have LOTS of content to share with you since I was away for so long. (Umm can we talk about how I haven't even blogged about my trip to Florence...but that's neither here nor there.) Anyways, I think the perfect place to start as I 'refresh' MorningKawa (and my life!) is with a a dresser refresh project I did for my son's bedroom a few weeks ago. I think you'll agree this is a perfect place to begin #amiright?!

Here's the before and after of my dresser rehab. I die.
Keep on reading if you're curious about how to use chalk paint for refinishing furniture, or in this case for refinishing a dresser with chalk paint. It was fun and super easy. Legit a skill level of 1 required.

Before I get started on my project, let's take a look at my inspiration dresser.


:: Back From A Long Hiatus

Hello all my friends and blog followers and a very, very heartfelt apology from being gone for, oh I don't know a year and a half...before I get into a bit of my story, first I have to say:

Thank you for the messages. 

Thank you for continuing to send me the love even when I was out of the blogosphere and not writing (or even thinking about writing) a post. 

Thank you for coming back and reading this post now. 

And, thank you for giving me another chance. 

I am back and won't let you down. Promise. I can feel it. I am back...I just don't know any better words to describe it. 

I am back.