:: Construction in Wroclaw

Ok, I know I don't live in Wroclaw anymore BUT I am super behind on my posts from when I did...soooo I hope you don't mind as I sort through my photo archives while I sit here in the Puerto Rican sun (hehe). 

Anyways, while I lived in Wroclaw, the Rynek was undergoing a major overhaul: getting all new cobblestone streets. Rumor was that it was in preparation for the international cultural festival taking place here in 2016. I have no idea if that is true - all I know is it is HARD work putting in new cobblestone.  Here's a look at what I mean. 
OMG. This was all done by hand. The only machine I saw used was when they tore up the old stone. Seriously. Each new stone was then leveled and hammered by hand. #muchrespect to these guys on the Wroclaw cobblestone project (and every other city that has installed cobblestone). 
The stones are so charming and Europe wouldn't be the same without them! Thanks for keeping the Rynek timeless while you update it, even if it takes more time to install :)

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