:: Construction in Wroclaw

Ok, I know I don't live in Wroclaw anymore BUT I am super behind on my posts from when I did...soooo I hope you don't mind as I sort through my photo archives while I sit here in the Puerto Rican sun (hehe). 

Anyways, while I lived in Wroclaw, the Rynek was undergoing a major overhaul: getting all new cobblestone streets. Rumor was that it was in preparation for the international cultural festival taking place here in 2016. I have no idea if that is true - all I know is it is HARD work putting in new cobblestone.  Here's a look at what I mean. 



Hi lovlies! Major life update for you coming your way today: we've moved to Puerto Rico! That's right no more Poland, or Europe, (boo!) but now we're onto our next adventure here in the Caribbean.  We actually moved a few months ago but packing a house and settling into a new country with a little one is Hard work with a capital 'H'.  I hope you understand why I have been MIA the past few months and I know I owe a lot of you some emails back. Now that I have (kinda) got our house in order, I will be back on Morning Kawa as much as possible. 

Stay tuned to hear more about life in Puerto Rico. 

San Juan


:: Murano Glass

Remember when I said I would share our vase purchases from Murano, Italy? Well, here is a look at the two handmade vases that we bought :) I love, love, love them! 


:: Venice and Murano, Italy

Ahhh… Venice, Italy. What a dream it was to be able to visit! 

Venice (like Greece) was another city on my list of “must visit destinations while living in Poland.” Since our time living in Europe is quickly coming to an end (NOOO!!!!) we had to fit this trip in ASAP! So, like many of our other trips, we purchased a ticket via RyanAir for under $100 and off we went. However, unlike our other trips, we now had baby H in tow! Let me tell you though, traveling with a baby was SO much easier than I thought it would be - but more on that later. Anyways, back to Venice. 
I wasn’t sure what to expect of Venice as I have heard some people hate it and some love it. I, personally, really really really liked Venice and it does top my list of my favorite cities I have visited. Here’s why. 


:: Italy In Progress

Hello again! Sorry to be away from you so long (again). We've been busy, busy over here with LOTS of updates AND news coming soon. I'm currently working on posting our trip to Bologna, Florence and Venice, Italy. Stay tuned to hear all about it :)
Murano, Italy


:: A Five Minute Snowstorm

While out for my afternoon walk today, it started snowing...just a light dusting, nothing to write home about but it was so very beautiful I thought I would share some images I took from around Cathedral Island. 


:: Happy Groundhog Day!

That's right, today is Groundhog Day! Yeah! This is sooo not a national holiday in the USA, but fun[ny], nonetheless.
Photo from NBC News


:: Having a Baby in Wroclaw, Poland

No, no I am not going to tell you labor details you'd rather not hear about, I just want to share with you my hospital experience(s) being an expat in a foreign country. Reason being is that when I was pregnant, I tried to research online (in English) about having a baby in Wroclaw and didn't find much info. Plus, you're more apt to hear about bad stories than good ones. Therefore, I want to share my (positive) story so that if you are pregnant in Wroclaw, you know what you might be able to expect. I'm not saying my experience is best, or that it will be or is the same for everyone. I just know I had a positive experience having a baby in Wroclaw (well, technically Germany but I will get to that later) that I think warrants a share.


:: Ring Bearer Bowl

One of my favorite things from my wedding was a ring bearer bowl with the description, "Lately I have realized the best is yet to come." (Isn't that the truth in life?) Sadly, this was lost at the actual wedding (pretty sure my super cute ring bearer flung it into the bushes hehe) BUT this story has a happy ending! We received a replacement bowl for Christmas!!! Yeah! Here's a look. Isn't it cute? For now, we can use it as a jewelry dish or decor in the nursery -- but maybe one day, Henry can use it in his wedding? (I am sure that will be here before I even can blink...sigh)
And, here's a photo of the original with our ring bearer from Paloma's Nest at our wedding. Cute eh?


:: Another Door Knocker

I know, I know. I post a lot of photos of lion door knockers. I just can't help it :) BUT, this one is my favorite and I need to find one like it. It's my favorite mostly because of its size (it's maybe about 5 inches tall)? Isn't it the cutest?!
Here is a photo for scale.


:: Wroclaw Soccer...er, Football

When we moved to Wroclaw, one of the things we really wanted to do was see a Wroclaw Slask football err. soccer game. (Ahh the dreaded 'soccer vz. football' wording; we Americans have made these terms so confusing!) Anyways, back in September we had the chance to attend a game and it really was awesome! Here's a bit about visiting the stadium. 


:: Spotted: A Santa Motorcycle Club

Sometimes you see funny things no matter where you are. This holiday season, we spotted a Santa Claus motorcycle ride. It was pretty awesome; they were blasting Christmas music and all. There were literally hundreds of them. 
Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Grodzka Lane...


:: Intricate Doors in Wroclaw

One of my favorite things to photograph are doors. I LOVE doors, especially doors in Europe. Today, I came across some of the best doors I have ever seen. And they happen to be right here in Wroclaw. Take a look:


:: A Special Ornament for Baby's First Christmas

If you have been reading my blog for a bit, then you know that I LOVE the Wroclaw Christmas market. (Remember my Christmas post from last year showcasing the market?) Don't worry, there is more to come on the 2014 market, but first: one of my favorite booths from this year due to a sentimental purchase I made here :)


:: All Saints Day in Poland

I really can't write a blog about living in Poland without talking about All Saints Day. It is honestly one of the most heartfelt holidays I have ever seen and was truly amazing to have been able to witness it firsthand. And yes, this is an image of a graveyard.
P.S. I meant to post this earlier but ended up having a baby a few days after instead. Also, let me apologize in advance for how terrible my night photography skills are....it's so bad, I am leading with an image from the internet instead of my own photo so you have a better idea as to what this holiday really looks like...


:: Baby Registry - What do I REALLY need?

If you live abroad and don't speak the language, then you know you must prepare in advance for everything! I mean, you have to look up how you are going to ask just to get your pants hemmed... So, imagine the preparation that ensued when I found out I was pregnant... in Poland! To put it simply, it was INTENSE. I needed every bit of those 9 months to prepare  :)

I searched registry list after registry list. Then, I made my own extensive "Baby Essentials" checklist (can you tell I love lists?!) for having a baby in Wroclaw, Poland that I am sharing with you today. This list encompasses both goods purchased in Poland and goods I received from our shower in the USA. It should give you an idea of what may REALLY be worth registering for and/or hauling across the world. If it's worth me packing it, it's probably worth you having it; no matter where you live.  (Ok, in reality your baby just needs food, shelter, clothing and a way to keep his bum dry but it's easy to get wrapped up in baby gear so here are my thoughts and reviews.) 

Let's get this Baby Registry Essential Checklist started, shall we? First up: Basic but Bulky.


:: January 6th in Poland

Today is a national holiday in Poland! And there is (yet another) stage set up in the Rynek of Wroclaw today. 


:: Happy New Year!

Happy 2015! I hope your resolutions are going fabulously. 

To kick off the Morning Kawa blog year, I thought I would show you a photo from this year's stage for Sylwester (the Polish word for New Year's Eve) in Wroclaw, Poland. Pretty intense.