:: Zakopane, Poland

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to visit the Polish ski town of Zakopane located in the Tatra Mountains. Yes, I know it isn't quite ski season yet, but the town was every bit as enjoyable in the summer as I imagine it would be during the winter. This town is no secret to the people of Poland - almost everyone from Poland knows of Zakopane and has vacationed here at some point. And, the weekend we arrived was no different as it was a busy, bustling town from the early morning through  the evening hours.


:: A Dream Vacation to Greece - Part V - Santorini

OMG Where did the time go since my last post!? Sometimes, life just takes over! But, let me tell you Santorini is oh so worth the wait!

THIS place is the reason I became in love with Greece without ever having been there and THIS place is THE reason to go to Greece. If you're planning a trip, make sure you visit here for at least a few days. It isn't like anywhere I have ever been and the relaxation that comes with visiting Santorini is just unexplainable - it overtakes you and you just.are.so.content. Ahh...I can't even explain it. There's this haze over the island at all times and I think that haze just puts you in a trance making this the perfect place to reset and recharge.