: The Easiest DIY Ever?

One of the reasons I have not been blogging lately (so sorry!) is because I am in charge of my very first remodeling/interior design project - for a real client! YEAH! It's been exhausting and very time-consuming but now I can call myself a European designer ;) We start painting tomorrow (phew!) and I am prepping for some new signage today, including this DIY "There is Always Time for Coffee" sign that I wanted to share with you. 
This is by far one of the easiest thing I have done and it looks super cute and was free! 


:: Decorating Eggs in Poland

I know, I know. Easter was months ago... I just totally forgot to post about this fun little Polish tradition: decorating Easter eggs. 

Ok, I also know that painting eggs is nothing really new to Americans, as it is something that we also do. However, the eggs that are decorated here in Wroclaw (and all of Poland for that matter) are phenomenal!! They are hand beaded or decorated with paper cut designs. So very intricate. Here's a photo of one we received this past holiday (white beads on white paint make it hard to see, but it is lovely). 
And here's a borrowed image showcasing the more traditional paper cut eggs. Yes, that is cut paper - not paint!
If you look for these eggs in shops post Easter, you may be able to find them outside of the holiday season - especially in Krakow (we saw a ton of them and we were just there last weekend). If you're interested in what stores I might check to see if they have them in Wroclaw, let me know via comment. 


:: Guitar World Record in Wroclaw!

Last week, we were a part of history! Well, we were there at least ;)

Wroclaw hosted its twelth-annual 'Thanks Jimi Festival' on May 1st, 2014. Part of this festival involved gathering thousands of guitarists into the market square to break a world record. Despite the rain, history was made and 7,344 people simultaneously played the song, "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix to break the record. Now, I am not sure if they broke the record for most people playing guitar at one time, or most people playing the Jimi song but either way, it was very interesting. Save the Date for May 1st, 2015 to see if Wroclaw can break it again ;)


:: Happy May Day

And here in Poland, it is a 4 day weekend! Yeah! We are heading to Krakow, Poland for an overnight trip. Though we did visit Krakow before we moved to Wroclaw but I am very much looking forward to seeing this city with new eyes and exploring more of the great country of Poland! :)