:: Poop Coffee from Indonesia

Yes, you read that right and no, that is not a typo. Since moving to Poland, I have learned so much about other countries and cultures but learning about Kopi Luwak coffee, or the slang phrase 'poop coffee' is (by far) is the most interesting to date.

My husband's coworker recently went to Indonesia and brought us back this bag of coffee beans. They sure look normal, but the process is anything but. Not to mention, this is the most expensive coffee in the world (selling in some parts of Asia for $80 a cup!). Kinda ironic isn't it? Anyways, here is everything you need to know - and more than you might want to - about Kopi Luwak coffee :)


:: Wroclaw's Anonymous Statues

If you find yourself at the intersection of Piłsudskiego and Świdnicka streets in Wroclaw, you may  see these interesting statues on the way from the Rynek to Arkady Mall. One one side of the street, the bronze, lifelike statues are seen going into the ground whereas, on the other side they appear to be emerging from the ground. After walking by these statues almost every week since moving to Wroclaw, I decided it was time I found out the meaning behind them.  And so, here is their story.


:: London, England - Off the Beaten Path

When my friend from the US called me and said she was heading to London, England for a long weekend, I was sure to start checking for cheap flights. Since my family lives in England, it's been high on my "to do" list to take a trip here and her visit was just what I needed to pick a date to go. I managed to find a flight from Wroclaw to England for about 50 USD.

My friend and I have both been to London before and were, therefore, able to explore more of the neighborhoods of London rather than use our time visiting only the tourist attractions. Granted, we did go to a few tourist hotspots (I mean, who can go to England and not visit Buckingham Palace?!) But it was honestly really refreshing to see some of the city I haven't explored before. Here's a look. 


:: A Cute Shop in Notting Hill, London

I am officially back in Wroclaw after a fabulous trip to London! Of course, I took a ton of photos that I will be sure to post soon but I just could not wait to share THIS store with you: a store only for door knobs/door knockers! EEK! Imagine my excitement when we just stumbled upon it while strolling through Notting Hill. My heaven! 


:: Wroclaw Ski Lift?

This Wroclaw Wednesday, you are in for a real treat! Who knew there was a ski lift in Wroclaw? Too bad it isn't really a ski lift, it just looks like one. Sorry to disappoint ;)


:: New Year's Resolution - Travel!

I know I am a bit late to the party with just now posting about my New Year's Resolution, but that's ok most people have broken their resolutions by now anyways, right? ;) Anyway, this year my resolution is really just to continue to take advantage of living in Europe, cheap flights, road trips,  traveling and learning about other cultures. 
I sure hope to add the following destinations to my postcard collection and share these European hotspots with you on Morning Kawa.


:: DIY Jars

Remember the 'coffee' jar from my DIY Flower Paper Tutorial? I have received quite a few inquiries as to how to make it/where it came from and today is your lucky day! Did you know there are a bunch of other jar labels, too? Well, here is all the info you need to make your very own super cute labels :)


:: Off to London!

I know I just got home but I am heading to London today to meet a friend for the weekend, then it's off to my grandma's house in Northern England for a few days. So very excited! I haven't been "across the pond" since 2007! Here's an image from our last visit.


:: Jatki Street, Wroclaw

On today's Wroclaw Wednesday, I would like to share with you a cute little street found in the city called Jatki Street. This street is home to a handful of boutique shops and houses some of the best original artwork in the city. Due to the number of shopping malls in Wroclaw, boutique shops are few and far between which makes this street even better and worth a stroll when visiting for a taste of something original.


:: Doors in Rome

So you know I LOVE doors of all kinds, especially in Europe so today's post is all about the doors and door knockers of Rome. Seriously, the hardware on these doors is what makes them so cool. Take a look.


:: Things to Collect on Vacation

I know I haven't posted as often as usual since I am home in the USA visiting family - so here is a special weekend post to help make up for it!

When people go on vacation, they collect a lot of things: spoons, sand, magnets, shot glasses..who knows what else. I thought I would take a minute to share with you what we collect on each of our vacations - postcards!


:: DIY: How to Use a Wax Seal

When we were in Rome last month, we wandered into the CUTEST leather goods store (address is at the bottom of this post) and I purchased my very own wax seal! You know, the kind that they used in the olden days to seal envelopes and are now starting to make a comeback on wedding invites?! - just love it. But...this was way harder to use than I thought it would be so I wanted to share a little DIY post for you. Just in case :)

I didn't have any envelopes handy, so I just used a gift tag to show you but you'll get the idea. 


:: Snow Day in the USA

As some of you may know, we surprised our parents with a visit for Christmas this year and I am here in the States for another week (yeah)! In the meantime, I am SNOWEDDDD IN here in Michigan!

We got 18 inches of snow here and we haven't been able to leave my parent's country home in a few days....meaning I have definitely started redecorating their house (as I always do when I come to visit for more than a week :) Even though it is freezing, I did walk around and take a few pictures of birdhouses around the backyard so you can see this snow!

Look: even the dog has a snow beard :)


:: Morning Kawa Best of 2013

As some of you may know, moving to Poland in June 2013 was actually a very hard decision to make. However, I am so glad we took on this adventure - I haven't looked back once! I have been able to focus on things that I love most like DIY projects, learning photography (keyword learning) and most of all traveling on a budget.

As I look back on 2013, I wanted to provide a list of places we have been, in order of preference to maybe help you narrow down where you want to visit first. This was so hard to do. Everywhere is so different and beautiful in their own way. (I honestly have loved every single city we have traveled to in Europe!) Here goes nothin' and cheers to many more adventures to come!

Morning Kawa's favorite adventures in 2013 and one word that best represents each destination.


:: Happy New Year!

Wishing you a very happy 2014! Even though we aren't in Wroclaw to celebrate, here is a look at the New Year's Eve stage they were starting to set up before we headed out of the city. This stage takes 2 weeks to set up! Who would have thought?!
Nostrovia (meaning 'cheers' in Polish)!


:: Let's Go MSU!

Please help me ring in the new year by cheering on our Michigan State Spartans in the Rose Bowl:)

Go Green!
Go White!