:: Limerick, Ireland

Ok. I feel like I have been talking about Ireland for like a year, but this is the last destination on our Ireland road trip: Limerick, Ireland.

Not that Limerick was a "destination" by any means, it just happened to be about 20 minutes from the Shannon airport, so it was more of a convenience destination. However, it was a nice place to stay for a night. If you're looking for somewhere near the airport this is a great choice.


:: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Poland to you - wherever you may be.

We aren't celebrating until tomorrow so you'll just have to wait for images of my tablescape (let me say, it is looking fabulous so far). In the meantime, I just tried to make this Cranberry Sauce recipe from Martha and who knows what kind of berries I bought at the store, but they sure weren't cranberries. However, it still tastes delicious ;)


:: Wroclaw Christmas Market

Merry Christmas from Wroclaw! What? Too soon to say the words MC? I think not! And the market square here in Wroclaw agrees with me. Yeah! Bring on the Holiday Cheer!


:: Snow in Wroclaw

Today we had the first snowfall in Wroclaw for this 2013/2014 winter season! It was so beautiful, I just had to share an image from my walk around town.
It didn't stick and it only snowed for a few hours, but it sure put me in the Holiday spirit! Who knows, I may even play Christmas tunes at our Thanksgiving dinner ;)


:: Visiting Killarney and the Gap of Dunloe - Ireland

The next part of our Irish road trip was actually not planned at all until we arrived in Dingle! That's right, we had no plans to visit Killarney or the Gap of Dunloe. One of the fellow guests at the B&B we stayed at recommended it as a "do not miss" destination in Ireland. And off we went. Oh boy, what an adventure!


:: How to Make a Rope Vase

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am sure you have been busy searching Pinterest for 'Thanksgiving Tablescapes' - I know I have been.  That's why I can't wait to share with you my latest DIY project: a rope vase! I plan to use it for our Thanksgiving table, but you can use it all year long. Yeah! Not to mention, it's super easy and super cheap. The best kind of DIY project.


:: Insta Morning Kawa

Morning Kawa is now official! Did you notice my new URL? www.MorningKawa.com

I'm pretty proud.

However, I am waiting for a few more approvals before we are totally up and running but if you just can't wait for your daily dose of Kawa, make sure to follow me on Instagram

Here are some photos from my @MorningKawa Instagram account.
You'll love it, I promise. I mean, who doesn't love filters?


:: Plac Nowy Targ

Today is Wednesday - you know what that means!? It's Wroclaw Wednesday! Today's feature is Plac Nowy Targ (New Market Square). This market square randomly has metal lawn chairs placed in a circle. I just had to learn more.  


:: Dingle, Ireland

The first town we visited on our weekend trip to Ireland was Dingle. This town is located on a quaint, little peninsula and was oh so lovely. National Geographic called Dingle one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and I couldn't agree more. Don't forget that as you look at these pictures, the white dots in the fields (as seen below) are actually sheep!


::DIY Thanksgiving Invitations

We are hosting our very first Thanksgiving here in Wroclaw! Of course, Poland doesn't celebrate Turkey Day here, so we're gathering all of our American friends and throwing a fabulous dinner party of our own on Friday evening (since we don't have Thursday off like the USA). I'll be sure to write all about it, but in the meantime, here is a first look at my DIY Turkey Invitations. 


::The Irish Countryside in November

Last week, we traveled to Shannon, Ireland from Wroclaw via RyanAir for $30 US roundtrip. (Not kidding. Thirty dollars...how is that even possible?) We rented a car at the Shannon Airport and embarked on a road trip through the Irish countryside to the Dingle Peninsula, Killarney, the Gap of Dunloe, Limerick and back out of Shannon. Before I get into these cities in more detail, I first want you to experience the beauty we saw just getting to them.

Here is a look at the Irish countryside in November.


::Introducing Wroclaw Wednesday

I am super excited to announce my new weekly installment of Wroclaw Wednesdays! Each week, on Wednesday (duh!), I will highlight a new element of my town, Wroclaw - whether that be a new favorite shop, a tourist destination or the best designed restaurant in town. It's all about Wroclaw on Wednesdays from here on out!

To kick off this Wroclaw Wednesday (WW), how great is this picture of the Rynek artist? He sits outside of the Old Town Hall nearly every day, rain or shine. Don't you just love him? Plus, it's just a bonus it happens to be Movember as well ;)
P.S. I know it is nothing new to showcase Wroclaw, as I have already posted so much about Wroclaw. It's more to ensure there is a balance in posts regarding what MorningKawa is all about: Destinations, Design and DIY! Happy first Wroclaw Wednesday!


::Off to Ireland

Another holiday weekend here in Poland means another trip :) We're off to Dingle and Killarney, Ireland for a long weekend.

Enjoy this picture of a picture of Dingle from one of my favorite books: 501 Must-Visit Destinations.


::Ad Alert: Adidas Throwback Thursday

As you know, today is Thursday which can only mean one thing in the digital world: it's Throwback Thursday. 

For those of you who don't know, this means that people post a photo from "a while ago" on a Thursday. Don't ask. As with most trends, not everything makes sense. Remember the 90's? 

Anyways, memories of the 90's aren't going to stop me from posting on this #TBT. Albeit, this photo isn't from that long ago. It's from our trip to Dresden and it is of an awesome guy dressed as an Adidas shoebox handing out flyers. Because why not?


::Amsterdam - a City of Charm

As I am sure you have gathered by now, we took advantage of a three day weekend here in Poland and traveled to Amsterdam! I had never been to Amsterdam and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the design of the city - so many boutiques, buildings full of charm and perfectly styled bicycles lined each and every street. Yes, this city has a reputation but, honestly, it is so much more than what you're probably thinking it's all about.


::It's Black and White in Vintage

I found this vintage black and white tweed coat for $18 (US) here in Poland!!!

Its first appearance was in Amsterdam this weekend. Umm. it can't get much better than this - especially at that price. LOVE <3
Also loving my new H&M heaadband ;) I may or may not have been called, "garter head" for the weekend.


::Tips for Flying WizzAir

We just got back from an incredible trip to Amsterdam this past weekend (more to come on this design-centric city later) - for now, I would like to share just a few tips regarding the budget airline, Wizz Air, that got us from Poland to The Netherlands (for less than $40, might I add).

I was expecting my experience to be terrible, but Wizz Air was actually not too bad. Here's what to expect/how to avoid incurring extra costs.