::Wroclaw Timeline in the Sidewalk

As you're walking from the Ossolineum to Hala Targowa you may notice a brick walkway that holds metal plaques commemorating influential dates for the city of Wroclaw.

I have walked along this path numerous times and always found the design of them to be intriguing, however, I never really knew what all of them meant. I decided it was time to learn a bit about what's in the walkway and I thought you may be interested, too. Here is the Wroclaw Path of History, as told through images in the sidewalk.


::Wroclaw Train Track Bars

A few months ago, we were trying to go out to eat with a group of friends for dinner and I am not kidding you every restaurant near the Rynek was booked/their kitchen was closed/they were out of food/{insert other excuse} so we ended up taking a walk down Swidnicka (Street) towards Arcady Mall and found some awesome, local bars/restaurants under the railroad tracks. If you feel like just getting out of the Rynek and experiencing a more local feel, this is a great place to go to try something new. 


::DIY Halloween Party

Whew - what a weekend! We threw our first Halloween party ever, and it just so happened to be here in Poland. I had a great time preparing for the party and I can't wait to share all my hard work with you! It's full of DIY elements which just goes to show that you don't have to spend a fortune to make a party look great. Feel free to read my commentary, or just look through the photos!


::Painting Pumpkins

I am so in love with painted pumpkins this Halloween and it is so very easy to do! If I can do it, you can do it ;) Here is my how to DIY guide for painting pumpkins. 


::Feeling Batty?

With Halloween just around the corner, I am sure you are in need of a quick and easy Halloween DIY tutorial that will spruce up any room, right? Well, here it is - Do-it-yourself cut out bats!

::Beaches of Sopot, Poland

I am pretty sure Sopot is the best town in all of Poland. It has fabulous beaches, views, shopping, spas, restaurants and, not to mention, it even has seagulls. What more could you possibly need in a perfect town? ;)


::Coastal Town of Gdansk, Poland

Our trip to Gdansk, Poland was a big landmark for us - our first vacation via airplane since moving to Poland!

Even though most people visit Gdansk during the summer (due to its proximity to beaches on the Baltic Sea), we still had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. When we arrived, a full moon lit up the rainy streets of the city. It's funny how rain can add to the ambiance sometimes...


::Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Me and my trusty bag are all packed up and ready for Gdansk, Poland this weekend. Of course, stay tuned to hear all about it. 

Have a fantastic weekend :) 


::Wroclaw Ossolineum

When most people talk about the Wroclaw Ossolineum, they usually refer to the fact that it houses the second largest library collection in Poland (behind Krakow) and that it has writings from Copernicus and drawings from Rembrandt. I, however, am most impressed with the courtyard ;) It's my absolute favorite courtyard in the whole entire city and what I envision my backyard to look like one day. (Wishful thinking, I know... but a girl can dream right?)


::Dawny Bastion Wroclaw

While walking through the streets of Wroclaw, I instantly fell in love with the crumbling structure of the Dawny Bastion Sakwowy in Wroclaw (also known as Partisan Hill). It's not listed as a 'top sight to see' anywhere and, in fact, it is hard to find in guidebooks at all but it might just be my favorite building in all of Wroclaw for the potential I see here.

When I wander through the stairs and columns, I get this rich feeling that is just so hard to capture in photos. In fact, I took some photos for this post a few days ago and while going through them, I just couldn't find images that captured what I was feeling. So, I went back to the Bastion this morning to see if I was imagining things. Thankfully, I was not (phew!) - I was brought right back to that feeling of a grand history again this morning. 

After some digging, I found some photos of what this building looked like once upon a time. Even though this goes against my blogger oath to only use my own photos, I feel that I need to lead with an image I found from before WWII to help get your mind into the feeling I am trying to convey. I want you to feel the potential I see here and I think this image helps to show just that.
Anyways, here is what it looks like today. (The tower above was removed during WWII so it could not be used as a reference point.) I know it sounds strange, but I can just see a fantastic, extravagant party happening here. Let me show you how.


::Wroclaw Train Station

It's funny really. Even with all our traveling, I had yet to go to the Wroclaw Glowny Train Station. I had heard that it was a beautiful train station and this weekend I thought it was time for me to decide for myself. Boy am I glad I did. 


::Wroclaw Opera House

I have walked past the Wroclaw Opera House numerous times, but this week I actually went to a show held there: The Nutcracker Ballet! Though it wasn't an Opera performance, it brought back great memories of being in the Nutcracker Ballet when I was growing up. A fabulous performance in a fabulous theatre. 


::Wroclaw Philharmonic

This past Friday, we attended the season opener of the Wroclaw Philharmonic - the best part? Tickets were only 40 PLN (so about $12 USD) and there was not a bad seat in the house.


::Trip to the Vineyard in Poland

There is a vineyard near Wroclaw, Poland? Who knew?!

This past weekend, Wroclaw had perfect weather and what better place to spend the afternoon outside than at Adoria Winery! The winery is an easy 30 minute drive from the city center and I would highly recommend this place for a Wroclaw day trip (not to mention, the wine isn't too bad either)


::Wroclaw Flower Market

This afternoon was a perfect day to stroll through Plac Solny in Wroclaw, Poland - a flower market open year-round, 24 hours a day (yes, all day every day) and full of seasonal blooms that won't break the bank.

Let's bring some bright floral colors into your life this fabulous Fall Friday, shall we?!


::Fall Market in Wroclaw, Poland

For anyone who lives in a climate with true Fall weather, you will understand that there is nothing quite like it: the leaves begin to change, it's Pumpkin Spice season at Starbucks (yes, even here in Poland) and us ladies can finally wear scarfs and riding boots again... it is all just so perfect. 

Here is another reason to love Fall: this cute outdoor market currently in Wroclaw, Poland.


::DIY Paper Flowers

I keep reading articles about people "pinning" images on Pinterest and never actually doing anything with all these pins. So I decided - that will not be me! Cross my heart, I promise that I will try to bring most of my Pinterest dreams to life right here on Morning Kawa :)

Which brings me to my DIY Paper Flower tutorial. Inspired by Pinterest (and Martha). Made and photographed by me.


::Domino Magazine is Back!

I am so excited to say that Domino Magazine is back and with a fabulous new Editor in Chief - Michelle Adams from Lonny Magazine. I actually worked with Michelle Adams at Pottery Barn in college (are you really surprised that is where she worked?) and I even stayed in her NYC apartment when I interviewed for my internship in the City. Small world.

I am sure Michelle will continue to do great things at Domino and I wish her all the best on this new endeavor.

Anyways, I am so looking forward to the quarterly magazine to launch on Thursday (10.3.13) and am grateful that it will also be available online so I can read it here in Poland. Yeah!
Image from Domino's Facebook page.