::Ksiaz Castle Day Trip

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of visiting the Castle Ksiaz located in Walbrzych, Poland - about an hours drive from Wroclaw. 


::Ad Alert - Coca-Cola Berlin

And now an advertising blip from Berlin together with Coca-Cola and their "share a Coke with.." campaign. This was located on Museum Island across from the Berliner Dome (my fav <3).

::Berlin, Germany - Day Two

After such a busy day in Berlin yesterday, our Sunday in the city was much more relaxing. We slept in (yeah!) and then headed to the Reichstag Building since we could not see it the first day due to the government festivities taking place here. We then drove to Charlottenburg Palace, just outside the Berlin city center, and explored the grounds. Here is a glimpse at Berlin: Day Two in pictures.
Reichstag Building (tourists can explore the dome at the top - but need reservations weeks in advance)


::Berlin, Germany - Day One

Whew, what a weekend! We were in Berlin, Germany for about 30 hours and we saw it all, which makes for two tired people on one Sunday evening. 


::Polish Raspberry Beer

When dining out at Polish restaurants, one of the first things I noticed was that most women drank beer out of a straw. But, not just any beer, their beer was pink! Upon further investigation... 


::Grocery Shopping in Wroclaw

Grocery shopping can be a bit of a challenge, to say the least. There are very few people who work in this market that speak English, which is totally fine! I mean, I am in their country anyways. But, what really makes it a challenge is that I am just starting to learn how to cook....so sometimes I can't just know what I am looking for. Obviously, bananas are pretty simple but cilantro is a bit more of a challenge...umm what does that look like again? ;)
Market Exterior

::Ad Alert - T-Mobile Film Festival

Ummm.. yes, this is real! 

T-Mobile is taking over the Rynek complete with a beach, surfing, sand and grass!
notice the surfboards at the end of this pool

::Botanical Gardens

O.M.G. pictures do not show the true beauty that the Wroclaw Botanical Gardens holds! We went expecting a small garden and found ourselves getting lost strolling through numerous paths and walkways. Add this to the top of your list when visiting Wroclaw - especially if you are visiting in prime floral season :)
butterflies love it too <3

::Little Black Bow

Spotted: a little black bow on the door of a salon.


::St. Elizabeth's Church

St. Elizabeth's Church, located just off the Rynek, is another building with a great view of the city. Personally, I like the University of Wroclaw better (and, it is MUCH easier to climb the University...) but this is definietly worth walking up at least once.

::University of Wroclaw

This beautiful building is actually the University of Wroclaw and the inside is just as impressive as the outside. Here is a look at what's inside (and on top of) this beautiful piece of Polish history.

Fun fact: This university has produced nine Nobel Prize winners.

Aula Leopoldina, found on the second floor of the University.

::Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall, or Hala Stulecia, is another "must see" destination for anyone visiting Wroclaw. It is a bit out of the city center (located near the zoo) so I think many visitors miss this attraction when visiting the city, as you would need to drive or take the tram to visit. 
This large needle looks curved, but it is really straight.


::Ostrow Tumski

My personal favorite part of Wroclaw is Ostrow Tumski, or Cathedral Island. A "must see" for anyone who visits Wroclaw.

::The Gnomes of Wroclaw

It's not a surprise that there are many touristy things to do in Wroclaw, but what is a surprise is that some of the biggest attractions in the city are only a few inches tall!

::Ad Alert - Visit Vienna

Remember when I said I would post some advertisements when I saw them? Well, here is my first one! BY FAR the coolest interactive campaign I have seen in a long time...
[look, there's me!]

::Life in the Rynek

Wroclaw (pronounced vrought-suave -  I know, right!?) in the summer is just beautiful. The sun is out until 10pm and the Rynek (or main square) is lined with outdoor patios flowing with Polish beer - my favorite....
Symbolic Water Fountain in the Rynek

:: Welcome to Wroclaw, Poland

I thought it would be fitting to start "Morning Kawa" the same way I arrived here in Wroclaw, Poland - in a plane! Mind you, it wasn't just any plane. It was the brand new Dreamliner 787. 


Let the European adventures begin!